Venus, thy eternal sway…

Venus, thy eternal sway…
All the race of men obey…

Venus, thy eternal sway...


Meet Venus. The gorgeous new mesh body from Belleza. And she is so beautiful!
When I logged on yesterday and saw my package waiting for me, I got all excited. I cleared my schedule, told everyone I was talking to that I would be busy and then started unpacking my gift! Ready to be busy for hours like with all the other mesh bodies I’ve tried. But in no time I had it all figured out. Not only is this body just drop dead gorgeous… The HUD that comes with it, is just so easy to use! So within 5 minutes I was dressed and ready to go! Of course I stayed in and played with the body a little bit more. I mean… Who wouldn’t…

The body comes in two shapes. One complete shape including the hands and feet from Belleza. And one shape made to fit your Slink body parts! Which is pretty awesome, because we don’t have to say goodbye to all the Slink items and add-ons we already own;-). But the hands and feet that come with the Venus body are simply amazing. The HUD controls your hand gestures and there are 16 (!!!) hands to choose from. The feet are also controlled by the HUD and come in flat, middle and high. Plus, there’s also one to fit your JD shoes.

The HUD makes it super easy to adjust your skin tone. Of course, all the Belleza skin tones are included. Just wear your skin, click your tone and it’s done. But it also has free slots for other future skin appliers, along with 16 skin presets that are already in it. It also has a push up function for your breasts! Ah, the breasts… I could talk about them all day.
I’ve added a partial nude picture at the bottom of this post, so you can get an idea of how the body looks.

I’ve tried… But I can’t find one single flaw. Venus is stunning, gorgeous and really lives up to her name. Be sure to keep an eye out for this release!! Join the Belleza group inworld or like Belleza’s Facebook page here to stay updated!


Belleza Mesh Body – Venus – SOON TO BE RELEASED ♥
Skin: Emily – Make Up 8 @ The Arcade
Hair: TRUTH – Freya


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